Ask Jason P. Henry what he’s thinking, but at your own risk. He may be exploring his dark side, lost in a world of serial killers, psychopaths, and other unsavory folks. After all, his happy place is plotting a murder, considering the next victim, or twisting seemingly innocent things into dark and demented ideas. Primarily a Suspense, Thriller and Horror writer with a dark, twisted sense of humor, Jason strives to make people squirm, cringe, and laugh. He loves to offer a smile, but is quick to leave you wondering what lies behind it.

Jason P. Henry is best summed up by the great philosopher Eminem “I'm friends with the monsters beside of my bed, get along with the voices inside of my head.”


He was originally a small town boy, born in Lancaster, OH and growing up with his grandparents just up the road in Bloom Carroll. He became an Army brat at an early age and was given a taste of the world. He got to experience most of Europe and, with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii, almost every state in America. This probably helped fuel his curiosity toward everything and everyone around him, and, in turn, sparked the fire of creativity. That creativity began with sketches and art, then music, and ultimately writing. While he doesn't draw as much as he used to, Jason still enjoys picking up his guitars and playing on a regular basis. Music is still a huge part of his life, but his main focus these days is writing novels.

Jason is content to have settled down in the state of Colorado and currently spins his tales in the shadow of Pikes Peak. Though he enjoys being lost in his fictional worlds, he spends reality being father to his beautiful daughter who is quickly following in her daddy's footsteps. They can often be found playing music together or exploring the mountains and trails all around their Colorado home.

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