Things to come...

When it comes to blogging, determining content is sometimes the hardest part. It is almost as obnoxious as determining the title of a novel or story. So, I have spent many brain hours in the last several days trying to determine how best to proceed. As a result, I have broken my Blog down to a few categories:

The Void.

The Dad Life.

Panes of Blue.


The Void:

This will be the meat of my blog where I talk about anything and everything, but mostly life as a writer and tales of my journey. Anything and everything will go in this category, with the exception of topics that already have a home. If I find that I begin discussing specific things more frequently, I may create new categories to accommodate them.

The Dad Life:

This category is pretty self-explanatory. My daughter was born in 2016 and has been my greatest adventure ever. I wish I had started this blog sooner, because the first three years have definitely been entertaining. But, hindsight is 2020, right?! I will throw in some tales from the past as I recall various memories with my kiddo, but, for the most part, we will stay with the current affairs of life as a dad.

Panes of Blue:

If you have been with me for awhile, then you may recall Blue. I have had requests over the last few years to bring him back. I was hesitant with this idea at first, thinking that I may one day want to officially publish his story. But, as the world of publishing changes, presenting Panes of Blue for you here does not completely jeopardize the idea.

So, I have decided to start at the beginning of the saga, allowing new folks to catch up and follow along if they wish. I will begin with the introduction and post a new chapter every two weeks. As I reintroduce the story, I will have time to write new episodes so they may be presented when the time comes. When, and if, I reach 'The End', I will consider self-publishing the collection as a completed work.


For now, that is my plan. Three topics and hopefully a post every week. I CAN do this. I MUST. But, who can predict life, right? Thank you for joining me again as I reignite my writing journey. It has been long overdue and I am excited to talk about old material, new material, and everything in between.

What interests you? As you follow authors, Blogs, etc., what content keeps you coming back?

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