Welcome to the Void!

Craziness, huh?

Who would have thought we would be living through times such as these? The author side of me is thrilled to be witnessing these events first-hand. I would normally have to dive into the past to learn how pandemics impact lives and society. But, then again, history is just that... in the past. So the way things such as this would have played out would likely be much different.

The other part of me is heart broken. Loss of life is never good, for any reason. I feel for all those who are suffering, healing, mourning, struggling. And you, the one reading this, I hope that you are well and have found your shelter and your comfort as we ride this thing out. If you are alone and need someone to chat with, I am available. Go to my contact page, shoot me a message, and let's commiserate together.

As somebody who loves to be outdoors, respecting the stay-at-home rules does not happen easily. With so many people trying to find an escape, even most places in Colorado that would normally be quiet are pretty packed with folks escaping cabin fever. But, considering the alternative, I will do my part. Besides, we creative folks are always wanting more time at home to work on our craft.

"I never get time to write!" we yell into the universe.

Well, time is now painfully abundant. There is no reason we shouldn't take advantage of an opportunity to get more done. With that, I have begun some new projects that I am excited about.

The first is this blog.

I will speak about many things. Life in general. Writing. My favorite subject... being a dad. My daughter is 3 at the time of this post and she is a ball of energy. She gives me plenty of writing material everyday, so I may as well share those experiences with you.

Thank you for joining me. I hope I am able to offer a little entertainment through this strange life we are currently living. Maybe a little reprieve from the monotony of home quarantine. When this is all over, and it will be some day, we will all meet on the other side and have some fantastic stories to tell each other and our children when they are grown.

Until next time... be safe and stay healthy. Give me your best Coronavirus story so far!

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